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gsvar 29.04.2020

Basic Medical Terminology in Summer Term 2020: There will be no standard lessons

Dear students,

Although it is now possible to visit school and hold consultations or exams in small groups of students (currently no more than five individuals), the Basic Medical Terminology will continue in its online form until the end of the Summer Term.

If you are in the Czech Republic and you feel that you need to discuss your progress, it is possible to arrange a consultation. In this case, please write an email to your teacher.

Institute for History of Medicine and Foreign Languages

prof. assist. Aleš Beran, PhD.
Deputy Head for Medical Terminology


gsvar 22.04.2020

Exams from Basic Medical Terminology: pandemic restrictions, online form etc.

 Dear students,

The First Faculty of Medicine is gradually preparing to restart the summer term and particularly to find an acceptable form of exams. It is clear now that we have to find a way how to provide both “on-site” (contact) as well as “off-site” (distance) examination. We are aware of the fact that many students are not currently residing in the Czech Republic and considering current travel restrictions may not be able to attend exams in Prague any time soon.

As a consequence, we have decided to make following changes to our exam procedure:

1) Exams will be converted into oral form. Content of the oral examination will be based on written tests students would be given under normal circumstances. Instead of writing the whole test, student will answer selected questions representing main areas of Basic Medical Terminology. The evaluation will follow immediately after answering the questions.

2) Students will use SIS to book an exam date. Exam dates will be clearly marked as “on-site” or “off-site” exam sessions. An “on-site” exam session will take place in Prague (i.e. student will be personally present in the classroom). An “off-site” exam will be carried out using an on-line tool like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Adobe Connect. We expect most students from the English Parallel to use an opportunity to take an “off-site” form of an exam.

3) Students are required to book exam dates provided by teachers of their groups. In other words: a person who was teaching you during the winter and summer term will also examine you. Please do not book exam dates provided by other teachers.

Right now, we are working hard on making examination from BMT as painless as possible for all our students. Some details are still being discussed and we will provide further information as soon as possible. We are also waiting for final guidelines provided by the Czech government as well as Charles University. After these are made public and the on-line exams get the “green light” we will move without delay to set the terms and open the SIS for you. We hope that this approach will help us to overcome the obstacles caused by the current extraordinary situation.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to your teachers or to head of the institute, Karel Černý (karel.cerny@lf1.cuni.cz).

Yours sincerely

Dr. Aleš Beran, PhD.
Deputy Head for Medical Terminology

gsvar 12.03.2020


Vyjádření Ústavu dějin lékařství a cizích jazyků 1. LF UK k opatřením přijatým v souvislosti s epidemií COVID-19

Commentary of the Institute for History of Medicine and Foreign Languages regarding suspension of teaching caused by coronavirus epidemic

(English version follows below the Czech text)

Vážení studenti,

výuka v předmětech poskytovaných naším ústavem bude v následujícím období probíhat bezkontaktně. Vzhledem k tomu, že ústav poskytuje široké spektrum předmětů různého druhu vyžadujících různé způsoby výuky, nebude ústav předepisovat společný postup, ale každou skupinu budou informovat individuálně vyučující, kteří alespoň zčásti nahradí výuku různými formami dálkového studia. Na své vyučující se také obracejte s případnými konkrétními dotazy.

Prosím počítejte s možností posunů či rušení termínů u zkoušek a zápočtů. Situaci budeme řešit v závislosti na délce mimořádných opatření tak, abyste byli co nejméně negativně zasaženi při zachování bezpečnosti zaměstnanců pracoviště.

Máte-li obecné otázky nebo stížnosti, pište na mail karel.cerny@lf1.cuni.cz.

Doc. Mgr. Karel Černý, Ph.D.
přednosta ústavu

Dear students,

The Charles University temporarily suspended teaching in all courses (both compulsory as well as eligible), including courses for the English Parallel.

This step has been taken by the university in order to mitigate impact of COVID-19 epidemic on the population. At the moment we do not have further details, particularly on how long this measure will be in force.

Consequently, all the lessons provided by the institute are canceled. Your teachers are working hard to introduce various forms of distance learning in order to compensate for canceled lessons.

If you have questions, write to your respective teachers or alternatively you can also write to me (karel.cerny@lf1.cuni.cz) or my deputies for Czech (sarka.blazkova-srsnova@lf1.cuni.cz) and Latin (ales.beran@lf1.cuni.cz) respectively.

I apologize for inconvenience and look forward to meeting you again after the restrictions are lifted.

Prof. assoc. Karel Černý
Institute head

U Nemocnice 4
121 08  Praha 2
Czech Republic


Karlovo nám. 40
128 00  Praha 2
Czech Republic